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Pamela Preczewski

Pamela Preczewski came to ballroom dancing while pursuing a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in Accounting and went on to receive a Masters of Science degree in Taxation from Walsh College in Troy.  Pamela continues her career as a CPA and Tax Professional in both national and local firms throughout most of her involvement in ballroom dancing on either a full or part-time basis.

Pamela first pursued her interests in ballroom dancing as an amateur at a local Arthur Murray studio.  She became a professional instructor and competitive dancer eighteen months later.  In  1992 she became a co-owner of Dance Avenue in Dearborn.  At Dance Avenue, Pamela specialized in all of the American and International ballroom and Latin dances where she won several top teaching awards for her participation with her students at ballroom competitions.  In June, 2001 she opened the DanceSport Academy of Michigan, Dearborn,  with her competitive dance partner, Alex Young.

Pamela has been dancing competitively, as a professional, since 1990.  During that time she and her various partners traveled throughout the United States and Canada competing in the American Smooth and International Standard divisions and has been a Rising Star finalist at many competitions over the years.  In August of 2000, Pamela met Alex Young.  The couple began training and coaching immediately in the International Standard and American Smooth divisions.

Over the years, Pamela has participated in approximately 20-25 competitions each year with Alex and her students. The standard of dance we believe in and have seen in others over the years has become our own. While we continue to strive for excellence in our dancing and teaching, our results and those of our students are only secondary to providing a place for the general public to simply “learn to dance.”

At the DanceSport Academy of Michigan, Pamela and Alex, work daily to create a world class ballroom dance environment and ballroom dance programs that will allow their clients to achieve standards of dance equal to the best dancers in the world. Coaches, past champions and competitors from all over the world are regularly invited to the studio to train themselves, their students and dancers from the area.


Alex Young

As early as 5 years of age, Alex was beginning to show a marked ability and keen interest in the piano.  Being surrounded by a family rich with musical talents, it was inevitable that he start his piano studies at the age of 7.  Immediately, teachers and mentors were intrigued by his unusual ability to express and reproduce music that he had not even learned.  Throughout his childhood and young adult years, Alex continued to prove his musical abilities through multiple performances, and competitive events.  It is these qualities and experiences that he attributes to the success of his dance career.

Upon deciding to discontinue his musical studies, a business career was the focus of Alex’s efforts for the next three years.  During this time Alex gained his accounting experience with a small land company that specialized in historical renovations.  After leaving his position as an auditor for the land development company in 1989, Alex joined the teaching staff at the Scott Dance Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was here that he began to make his way in the dance world as an instructor and competitor.  During his tenure there, he continued to train and progress through all levels of dance, as well as develop his skills as a competitor.  With his ability to teach many levels of all styles of ballroom dancing, Alex maintains a very well-rounded and diverse background of dance.

Wanting to pursue a more aggressive career as a teacher and competitor, he began his search for a professional partner.  In August of 2000, Alex met Pamela Preczewski and the beginning of their professional partnership was established.  the need to develop the partnership to a higher level was the impetus for Alex leaving the Scott Dance Studio, and beginning a new teacher career in Dearborn, Michigan.  At this time, a business relationship began to develop between he and Pamela, and the desire for a world-class DanceSport facility became a combined effort.

With Pamela, Alex now Co-owns and teaches at the DanceSport Academy of Michigan.


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